HackCamp London

London • 12-13 June 2010



HackCamp was created because of the need of an event due to the postponing of BarCamp London 8. The concept is very inspired by the Yahoo! Open Hack Day concept. Because we can’t stay overnight at Google we didn’t dare to call it a HackDay, so HackCamp was born.


On the Saturday morning we will be having a few companies and organisations present their APIs/datasets. These will not be product pitches, but rather a good way to get introduced to various APIs and see the faces belonging to the companies that make HackCamp possible.

Because we only have one canteen for the HackCamp, the presentations are rather mandatory for anyone that’s present. So if you really don’t want to be introduced to the APIs (you might be so wise and awesome that you know how to use all of them already), wait until 11:30am for the real fun.


After the introductions, presentations, and lunch, the hacking commences. You can hack anything you want, which includes software hacks, hardware hacks, mobile hacks, and anything else creative you can come up with.


Only a few rules apply:

Hacking will start at 1pm on Saturday and end at 2pm on Sunday. This gives you 25 hours to impress us. We won’t leave the building until after midnight and we’ll be back in at 10am on Sunday, so make sure you use the time carefully.

Obviously you can win some nice prizes in various categories. For more information see the prizes page.