HackCamp London

London • 12-13 June 2010

Introducing HackCamp

Posted at: May 28, 2010 at 07:31PM

As we promised we wanted to do an alternative event in case we couldn’t do a BarCamp, and Google has stepped in to help us out. They have offered us their canteen for the weekend (which those of you who were at BCL3 know is a very nice canteen) for a small two day hack event.

We can’t fit a lot of people into the canteen (around 80) and we don’t have any access to any other spaces, so we had to be creative. Additionally we also don’t have the venue for the night, but luckily we can stay in the venue until very, very late on Saturday evening. We will also be looking to provide some place to sleep for those of you stranded. More on that soon.

We are going to announce more details soon, but for now we would like to know what you think HackCamp should be.

We will also start ticketing very soon, with priority tickets for everyone that has already signed up for BCL8 at the moment. Keep an eye on your inbox for an invite, and keep track of the blog/twitter (@barcamplondon and @hackcamp) for more news.

Photo credit: Mark Simpkins